Does Your Band Need A Bass Guitar Player?

black bass guitar

If you’ve ever been in a band, or if you love music enough to pay attention to how musicians talk about fellow musicians, then you no doubt have learned that bass players are kind of the joke of the music world.

It’s not that playing bass isn’t impressive, of course. Any time someone learns how to play an instrument, it’s impressive! However, bass lines in songs tend to be quite basic, often times consisting of a series of repetitive notes with little structural variation.

This can lead to some people wondering if a band even needs a bass player. And the answer to that is “it depends”.

What A Bass Player Adds

Naturally, every band is different and every genre needs different kinds of sounds. But that doesn’t mean every genre needs every sound in every song. A great example of this is the steel guitar, a mainstay of certain kinds of Country and Western music. Modern Country, by contrast, often leaves out the sharp twang of the steel guitar. It’s no less Country music, but it’s clearly not the same kind of Country music.

So what does a bass player add in specific? The bass line gives a structure to the melody, allowing the instruments playing the melody to have a solid base to explore. That way, even when those instruments drop the melody in order to play something a little more intricate or add some flair to the overall song, the very basic form of the melody is still playing. It keeps the song from suddenly jumping in tone and speed when other instruments lose track of where they are. And of course, it can also carry the melody, giving a low, rich sound to the song.

Why You Don’t Need One, Maybe

That said, a drummer can keep time just as readily as a bass player, perhaps even better. With a skilled drummer, the other musicians can easily tell how fast to go so they can all stay together. The drummer almost never carries the melody, but there’s rarely any need for it.

In addition, not every song needs an especially deep music line. Sometimes, having a second guitar allows you to play as low as necessary, fulfilling the role of the bass line but jumping up an octave or two. This results in a song that’s higher in pitch over all, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It depends greatly on what kind of music you play and what kind of sound you’re hoping to have with your band.

How to Learn to Play the Guitar

man playing the guitarWhen it comes to learning an instrument, the guitar is one that is high on most music lovers’ list. If you are interested in learning how to play the guitar, perhaps you are unsure of where to start. In this article, we will discuss how you can learn guitar and be strumming away in no time.

The first way you can learn how to play the guitar is by taking lessons. This can be done in a few ways, and the most popular option is to learn guitar online.

But most people start with asking their friends and family if any of them know how to play. If they do, and can play the guitar well, perhaps they would be willing to teach you. Otherwise, look into the different music stores in your area. More often than not, a store that sells instruments like the guitar will offer lessons in how to play. A very good tool for finding out if anyone locally offers guitar lessons is to look on the internet. You may even find different reviews by those who have sought out the services provided in your area.

Speaking of the internet, another way to learn how to play the guitar is to look for online videos and articles. In terms of a lesson membership website, read more about Guitar Tricks & JamPlay. They are by far the best options for video lesson membership websites.

Another obvious website that many people upload videos to is YouTube. See if there are any videos and lessons that suit you, and make sense. Beginners often like to search for 10 easy guitar songs and see if these lessons can help.

Not only can you begin to learn how to play the guitar in your own home, but you can save money on lessons that you will otherwise pay for. The disadvantage of learning this way, however, is that since you are watching videos and reading about how to play the guitar, you won’t have interactive one-on-one teaching.

If you know how to hold the guitar properly, and can strum fairly well, a good exercise to perform is to listen to the radio while holding your guitar. Put on a song that you really enjoy, and then try to play along. Listen to what’s being played, which chords are being utilized by the guitarist, and how fast one chord melts into the next. Challenge yourself to play the song just as well as this guitarist does. It may take some time, but being able to play by ear is just as beneficial as being able to read the notes of what you are playing.

So if you are interested in learning how to play the guitar, you have many options. Sit down and decide which option is right for you, or combine them. Soon, you’ll be performing like a professional. Good luck!

Beginner Guitar Songs on YouTube

A great guitar song to learn for beginners is “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan.

This video from swiftlessons does a great job and providing a preview, then going over all the important chords and steps you’ll need to cover in order to play this song well.

Bob Dylan is really a great guitarist for the beginner to try and emulate because his songs are not too complicated.

Once you’re done this one, consider playing some of his others!